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Hi there!

I am reasonably new in Web site design and I don’t realize how to do this, or even if it can be easy enough to perform it myself or if Need to hire a programmer.

I’m designing a web site in wordpress the corporation has and location for collections and my client asked me merely can have search field in the website where an individual enters their identity number and learn if they have got any debt. Precisely what I am guessing is that my client must have a database (probably a great excel document) with the information: with appoint, last name, id number plus the debt amount as well as somehow make of which particular search field to take a look in that particular excel file.
Hopefully somebody knows how to do this..

Thanks in advance.

FYI you never use excel for the website database, you’d use mySQL or maybe SQL or an appartment file if there’s only several clients.

You wouldn’t use wordpress in this… And if it really is peoples financial information you’re handling… There are suitable issues and demands… Have you been aware of hackers The very first clients data that gets hacked reside did not properly secure it… Ie: SSL certs, encrypted DB, or anything else…

Let’s just say a person’s employer ( buyer whatever )… Will name you inside lawsuit. And it probably will not pretty.

You must definitely hire a programmer… Just from the question and how it was before asked speaks volumes on the lack of realizing in handling information to be secured.

Apologies if that offends, simply just calling it as I see this.

Btw… I’ve seen companies use websites ( newbies ), to get something in spot, regardless if it can be done securely or not… Playing dumb all along, so if they get caught, they might point their fingers and every one of the responsibility at that " programmer"… And they’ve gotten away by using it…

An individual, as a custom made / developer assume some initial responsibility…

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