Dreamweaver problems

Intended for months now, whenever I start off Dreamweaver MX I obtain the error " Xerces Anxiety Error. " Relating to tried the just two suggestions We have found: download stuff out of Windows Update we already do religiously, and download a brand new version of the particular affected DLL. Nothing has worked.

Considering I’d die with out Dreamweaver, I’m offering a large reward: 20 turtle bucks.

is there i file i could truthfully send you to fix it

ah didn’t read the actual thread properly… therefore sending you the actual xerces. dll could not work

Not likely. Is your file 1, 597, 440 bytes

xerces-c_1_6. dll : 1. 52 MB (1, 597, 440 bytes)

another possibility is a xerces. rar inside C: \Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver MX\Configuration\Classes : 1. 72 MB (1, 812, 019 bytes)

Have you tried reinstalling dreamweaver

Of course.

I’m just going to reformat today, it’s been a while.

http: //www. alphaworks. ibm. com/aw. nsf/FAQs/xml4c

In addition found this:

http: //xml. apache. org/xerces-c/faq-build. html#faq-16

For a start, what operating system do you know of Are you hosting an online server on your existing PC, or can it be located somewhere in addition

Windows EXPERIENCE although I reformatted this morning and it’s operating again

Blech, you took the easy way out!

Here, I’ll teach you somewhat song we utilized to sing at that Tech Support Chair:

FDISK, FORMATTING, REINSTALL, doo daahh, doo daahh
2nd line most likely are not appropriate here

we can guess

hehe, actually it may not be that bad, just don’t desire to test my placing limits when I am just new here. If you’d like I’ll PM that to ya, therefore you, oh great WDF Moderator, may decide

of course me of wonderful greatness shall determine, im interested in hearing the others of that anyhow

Provided it’s from the forum rules…

PM’s recently been sent.

FINE, jravenscroft approved this, so if the truly amazing Admin thinks it’s away from line, bust the pup, not me

FDISK, FORMATTING, REINSTALL, doo daahh, doo daahh
Kiss my readend ’cause you’ve lost everything, oh da doo daa day

Simple, concise, and established by your cynical nevertheless friendly techs by Dell Tech Help support!

FYI: Of course, I used to be one of them until Dell taken their tech commitment to India. Now I reach sell Dells for the moment, OH precisely what fun!: devious:

are dell’s good computers we were thinking of buying one a little while back

Yep, they’re pretty fine. 24×7 tech support for a toll-free # for the life of the actual PC is why most people like Dell. For example, HP’s tech support line seriously isn’t toll-free, so you should pay for just about any tech support. Computers are pretty sturdy, but get your warranty, PLEASE! You wouldn’t believe the amount of people would call after i was a technological, saying that they will thought PCs never stop working, or that Dells usually are invulnerable. Loved those those who called for once 2-3 years when they bought their PC, only to find that they for no reason upgraded their warrany, and that now they’d should pay a chunk of change for the new motherboard or memory or anything. If you call in for the right time, you can receive a PC for just a great price. Sometimes they have got rebates on the warranties too.

I’d check out dell4me. com, see if this week’s opportunities interest you, style a PC, and call in to acquire it. Phone Sales aren’t able to bargain down the price or anything, but sometimes the actual website isn’t updated while using newest deals this quickly. If you will be lucky, you could possibly stumble upon your 1 day unique or something.

I purchased a Dell 36 months ago for many reasons over developing one and it’s just a POS mostly. The hard drive has died one time (under warantee, though) as well as the case is the cheaper POS that I’ve ever endured. I ended in place moving it to somewhat of a real case together with enough bays. Also the power supply connection is usually proprietary (the only private connection) so you’re forced to use the at-the-time 200W PS.

that will xps system looks great, they don’t have that on the particular dell uk web site. Plus you can get extra for your money for the american website.

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