Google Logo Font?

I became wondering what the name in the font that Google uses in all of it’s logos is. I have searched around and in many cases uploaded the logo hoping that it would look for a match but I couldn’t produce anything that was like Google’s. Did google create their unique text style which is it available totally free or is it the same text style WHEN I searched on in this article first before ad and didn’t view anything relevant, so I hope it is a first post with regards to this. Thanks!

Likely created their unique, in which scenario the font can be called " Google"

WHEN I found something comparable while playing all-around today at university, but I will not remember the font. I think it was just like the Californian FB font, but I recently can’t remember.

WHEN I found the font, but lose interest in it. The font style is named Catull and it may be purchased for ONE HUNDRED bucks. Forget which..

Im sure its placed on the web free somewhere….

You will get almost anything somwhere via the internet for free.. or as a minimum less than charge.. but it wouldn’t be a ligit duplicate. 100 bucks for your font is not really that bad in fact. Typography is an incredibly indepth field in addition to although most san serif fonts may well look almost identical to many people, to a trained typographist these are vastly different and still have many different qualities that you should go for.

But I became about to jump for the bandwagon with transio and say it turned out a custom employment.. but appariently it isnt.

Yes, I got it for nothing from a dangerous site. Had for you to translate it applying Google.

also, the irony….

whats the particular foreign site

http: //www. taringa. com. ar/index. phppostid=106

Gives thanks!

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