hi i was wondering learning to make a good table.
I have undoubtedly made one in my site so we can seperate the nav pub from the remaining portion of the page but whenever i try to type next into the nav bar the item gos to the center of the table. so i can have only text and stuff down the middle of my page. does anyone discover how to fix this
p. s i dont would like a frame cuase i dont such as the way they glimpse.

The centering as part of your table is handled by the < td> licence plate.
The simplistic example shows your content shoved in the upper
left hand corner with the cell.

< family table cellspacing=’3′ cellpadding=’3′>
< tr>
< td align=’left’ valign=’top’>

ones content

< /td>
< /tr>
< /table>

o regards very much

keep your using tables for layout

apply XHML+CSS instead.

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