Trying to pass variable from the URL

I’ve a CGI script in which uses variables which must be passed from article to page. Merely run the CGI script, WE cannot use Node Side Includes. Currently, if I apply SSI, I cannot go a variable on the URL.

I’d like to use the Apache mod_rewrite RewriteRule in order to pass a variable. The

RewriteRule (a-z0-9+)/(a-z0-9+)$ $2. html E=MY_VAR: $1, L

isn’t working.

I’ve tried other activities, but this will be what the Apache documentation indicates is supposed to work. I’m with Apache 1. THREE OR MORE. 27

Can anyone help Please and several thanks!

I remember about couple of years ago I had written a custom handler that would load pages, perform SSI in addition to allow special includes for instance results from CGI job applications and running exterior programs. Luckily I keep my old code, I used such as this:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (. +). shtml pageprocessor. plpage=$1& template=shtml

How are you currently trying to move your variables Is there much script Your current regexp accumulates two lowercase alphanumeric strings seprated by way of " /" and end that has a $, then attempts to help load the file that may be supplied by cost-free item with a few Apache-specific custom specifiers resulting the the earliest item. What language could be the receiving script inside

Thanks Mixu,

I are not aware of any scripting languages, so I don’t use a script like you show to help process my web sites. I am trying to pass the variable right to an SSI include statement including <! — replicate var=" MY_VAR" –>

And will I say, without having much success.

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