WAI Guidelines

Definitely all, I’m new here but I hope you can assistance me.

I am interested in the WAI guidelines.

Are they easy to understand/use

Any advice for wanting to follow them

Thanks on your help!

Its a much time process but so long as you are trying your best to conform to countless standards there’s no-one to ask more associated with you than of which. Best advice I’ll say is mooch via this: http: //www. w3. org/WAI/intro/wcag. php
and read what you can when you could. Unless you have got a real social problem you’ll never have the capacity to read 100% connected with it so just make an attempt to keep them as their intended purpose when you read them. When you visit coding use your validators for all of your languages to make certain they conform towards the standards and if they can’t visit the guidelines and discover why. That means you’ll learn the practical route.

So its an activity of:
Code a little, validate.
Code a little more, validate.
etc ..

When you are learning the convenience guidelines remember they may be there to aid us. They help us establish a standard and help those that use apps to interpret web sites. Don’t worry an excessive amount about getting this completely right at all times.

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