most used languages

im a preety new web designer and was wanting to know what languages you guys utilize the most and what ones are more helpful.
please post
Many thanks

I use CSS essentially the most because I think it offers the most versatility inside your designs, but it can even be the biggest hassle unless you know what you’re doing. It’s quite handy though.

To define essentially the most useful it genuinely depends on what kind of web work you want to do. Designing for great companies would require a language that is the most cross appropriate. Designing smaller jobs may require a language that delivers versatility (like CSS, because I stated above). Coming up with databases for businesses would require PHP, ASP, or something of this sort. Then there’s always Java and various languages in order to dsign web applets or even CGI. It all really depends upon where you want to go with the idea.

any one else have any favorite languages

CSS is actually cool stuff. I’ve ‘just’ started getting into PHP and your simple things it could accomplish – extremely, very cool elements. It took myself FOREVER to figure out how to hook up CGI-BIN material for forms, but an afternoon to figure out how to actually write your php script pertaining to an email sort. Insane. I can’t wait to obtain databases and MySQL, wish Pondered the free time period.


ya i havent nonetheless learned php or even css but we have wanted to nevertheless have never truly had time.

Well the most used language needs to be (X)HTML. Otherwise their wouldnt be high of an internet hey

Well – your own question is somewhat open ended in all honesty.

To begin with, websites have that they are coded with CODE or XHTML, determined by how the coder wishes to develop. Personally I will recommend XHTML as it is just a more modern terms.

Then we move on to CSS, which is definitely invaluable resource in postioning, and coming up with websites.

PHP (or ASP) are used to make powerful websites, and so I would only learn these once you’ve learned the alternative two.

So, all languages get different purposes.

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