Webmaster took my $ and ran

I have no idea of if it is a right area in the forum to posting this, sorry if it’s not necessarily I am brand new & yes I know thats a terrible excuse.

I know very very very little (I am requiring you to teach my personal everything) about website design, script ect ect. I paid working lady to do the site and he did the best job desiging them but he in no way finished and took my money as well as ran.
I have to know how to download and enjoy all the information from my web-site online to this pc. I do not own the money to pay anyone to finish your website. Now I have got to figure all this particular out on ly own and I don’t have a computer backdrop (I’m a All I need is my video tutorial sharing completed in addition to pic sharing completed, oh I have got to learn how to get my frorum (I develop the files for this) back on line.
I have Dreamweaver Pro given it was given in my opinion and I are trying to learn up to I can on my own ring.
Can any one particular help woth the following because I have no idea what I am doing.

Making plans for, consider this…

If you paid a auto technician to rebuild ones engine, and he took your hard earned money and left ones engine in types, would you get a book on engine mechanics and make an effort to finish the task yoruself

Probably not. So why aim to learn web development It truly is not a simple move to make well. Sure, you could learn to set togehter a HOW TO MAKE rebuild, but your motor is ultimately never about to perform like a professionally rebuilt 1…

Eliminate the metaphor, I do think I made my point though…

Gosh why didn’t I do think of this oops I did.
Can occur man the last thing I need is another web guy bustin the balls, I already acquired one run down with my capital and all I need is a dash of help. Plus I never asked for your point, My business is asking for support.
I am possibly not saying that Let me go and make my site that could be lunacy. All I might like to do is get the actual files downloaded for you to my pc, this way I can forward them through to someone that does know very well what they are doing.
Plus when I became 15 I did by the book o rebuilding engines and yes after a few tries I do rebuild one, and also another and another.

I’m certainly not busting your balls, I’m giving you advice.

For you to download the records, you need a good FTP client, the address of the server (you can ping your website to get that), and the FTP username and password for your website’s FTP consideration.

Do yourself a new favor and either have someone do the meet your needs exactly and then pay them, or go have a class and learn about it!

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