Why is my website Dancing? Please Help!!

I have used a javascript code set a slideshow with my website. Problem will be the other parts of the website move for the reason that images change. What will i do to halt the footer as well as other " divs" by moving and playing and " dancing" combined with slideshow the webpage url is www. onyemaechibielonwu. com/mrakpor1.

I was able to get this done website thanks to contributions from members of this forum.

Thought about appreciate. I have learned so much in the couple of weeks since MY PARTNER AND I joined this community forum. Thanks to everyone internet marketing so helpful!

It is because your images are generally all different styles. I think you will discover slideshow scripts obtainable that don’t require each of the images to be similar size, but you will need to look for these people. Another option would be to create a background the size and style of your most significant images for the entire smaller images. I believe, I’d look for any script.

This will depend on the browser too. What browser does one use

WHEN I use Mozilla Firefox when my default browser. Once in some time I also make use of IE7, Google Chrome, Travel and Safari. I installed Opera yet I dont learn how to use it. It is cumbersome to use.

Hi Jyuill

You need to explain further.

First just how do i create the background 2) After i create the background how do you incorporate it into my site plus place it behind the javascript slideshow code

The script which you suggest… where may I get it

Thanks for your help. Slowly My business is beginning to enjoy the sheer beauty of web design as an Art plus a Science.

The background will have to be created throughout Photoshop or equivalent photo editing application, then you can be add that qualifications to every graphic. If you don’t have/dont know how to use something prefer that, then you need to find a javascript slideshow. Try this one, or search engines slideshow for diverse size images (that’s the way I found that one). http: //bucarotechelp. com/design/jseasy/92072302. asp

Gives thanks. If it is definitely to create any rectangle and complete it with a few color or make-up in photoshop then I do believe I could manage that. Do I create a " div" with the slide show so I use this photoshop image as being a background

I would prefer to say an important thank you back " jyuill". I traveled to the bucaro technical help website and I am going over the tut.

… an easier way is usually to make the that contain div (ss_img_div) to be a fixed height after which resize all your images with the height.

So in your CSS file, you could do:

. ss_img_div

elevation: 250px;
width: 300px

this would means that your pictures will have to fit a THREE x 250 pixels. If you constrain that div to that size, it won’t resize based for the picture and so your internet site won’t move.

Thanks very much. I may try to utilize code you gave.
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