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Hello i have been help a great deal of by members from web development forums in past times that i thought it turned out high time to supply something back. Most of the people here have probably used these sites in the past but listed here is a list of websites that are fitted with some amazing layout design tutorials that actually helped me improve the design aspect involving my work. If you are new to website development and want to be effective a little upon improving your Photoshop skills than buyer are the perfect starting point. Lots of web sites also show you tips on how to create some pleasant web graphics.

  • http: //psd. tutsplus. com/category/tutorials/interface-tutorials/
  • http: //www. adobetutorialz. com/categories/Adobe-Photoshop/Web-Layout/
  • http: //www. rnel. net/tutorials/Photoshop/Layout_Interface
  • http: //www. illustrateddesigns. com/categories/Web-Layouts/

These realy aided me and lets hope they can do a similar for other men and women.: chinese:


I must give you thanks for pointing me to web sites. I am completely new to web design and I simply looked at these tuts plus they are awesome. I will aim to discipline myself to endure them.

Thought about am amazed. One of many things that WE dont totally understand is steps to start a website around photoshop and develop it till I tumble up online.

Yet another thing. I am attempting to design a website for any lady. I wish to give her several different designs to pick from. We live inside different cities hence I cant show her the designs personally.

What do you suggest we do How one can get to demonstrate her the some different designs

Just as before man thanks for the fantastic tutorials..

Delighted they helped you man. Well regarding showing her the form, u could either create the entire layout(all 3 of which if u wish) in photshop then create a PDF file outside them which u are able to e-mail her. Just open the images of the layouts u managed in photoshop plus click file-> automate-> PDF presentration and the rest is rather easy. Or what u may possibly also do is upload the images to somewhat of a site like http: //www. photobucket. com/ after which include the primary link photobucket provides within a e-mail to the woman’s.

Once you have done the whole layout in illustrator, u start cutting it up into pieces after which u save your pieces with file-> help you save for web, the grade of the piece is determined by its importance e. g. most buttons area small rather than all that thorough so we help save them as. gif information. After you have saved the many separate files its time to put them all with each other. I use Dreamweaver for anyone my coding as well as i usually operate in split check out. Some people use tables for creating the layout but it is best to use div tags to be able to position everything. I dont discover how much you already know and hence i dont understand how much detail i wil have got to go into. A little tip for in the event u are establishing of, hand coding a person’s html and css is much easier, i cant even count how many times in days gone by i got extremely frustrated at dreamweaver because i used to be working in design view and yes it simply didn’t wish to accomplish what i needed. Check out http: //www. w3schools. com/ for lots and a lot of stuff regarding web coding and css.

Hi Unarmed
Thanks with the tip. I am finding out dreamweaver and usually I create a savings fund design view. But on the subject of certain apects I check out code view.

Now might you please help myself again. I am attempting to design a site. I want the slide show about the left, a mini poll from Bravenet at the center and on the right some photos.

Somehow the Bravenet Poll seems to visit under everything. What does one think I can do to have everything make on the exact level
The website sometimes appears at www. multimeshentertainment. com. That is definitely multimeshentertainment dot com

Please examine it and provide me your advice

Hey pal please keep in mind that I am understanding css and webdesign.

That apart Thought about like this website. Its the one forum on the web that is most responsive to the people like me who are learning.

And yes I do think I will use the nairaman. com/example1 idea which you gave me. Also I may try and training the slicing that you suggested.
Gives thanks again

Ok my business is not going going into detail however basicaly u have got to wrap every sections in div tags such as

< div id=" SlideShow" > Put the slideshow content material here< /div>

< div id=" MiniPoll" > Put the minipoll content material here< /div>

< div id=" Pics" > Put the pictures content here< /div>

Then i simply apply properties such as this in you stylesheet. Here my business is positioning all the actual div tags in addition to hence the content material inside them. Note i used random values u will have to find out the width and height of every of your portion.

position: absolute;
top: 0px;
quit: 0px;
height: 50px;
bigger: 50px;

Check out this url, it should realy assist you get the hang of using divs http: //www. devarticles. com/c/a/Web-Style-Sheets/DIV-Based-Layout-with-CSS/.

Hey Unarmed you are awesome. This is to say thanks to the advice. I am off now to evaluate the link an individual suggested. Thanks plus see you once again.

You said that you just got frustrated with dreamweaver therefore because of you are suggesting that I go for handcoding instead. Okay. What application does one recommend for a newbie like me merely want to start out hand coding

Dreamweaver haha merely work in code or split see = Glad for being of help man.

Don’t forget to read about content, usability, functioality, seo, and all additional stuff that is going into designing an online site. Graphics are nice but the site needs to try and do something too.

Most evident but its also crucial for you to remember that people judge the credibility of a site visual, or as a minimum the majority can.

Sure, after they first get now there, you are accurate. However, I see a few sites that tend to be sliced and diced around photoshop, look fantastic, and that’s all they greatly is look very good. Clients are expecting results from your website.

Thats why the main goal is for making something that is definitely functional, relevant plus beautiful no

Indeed, I’m just nevertheless looks aren’t every thing. There are a lot of shiny new sites that tend not to function well, may not be user friendly, possess bad code, simply no marketing, no proactive approach, to mention some. A website is usually a marketing tool, but not many designers know anything about internet marketing.

You may not believe this one:
I became on another forum including a designer commented on easy methods to charge for web page design, here is the exact quote:

" just charge up to you can i mean you can charge even like a 1000 $ due to the fact charging more means that you’re a valuable designer"

Is it possible to believe that! It is a mentality of some designers plus it drives me angry.
I gotta be able to work.

haha special jesus! Na i definitely realize u man, its about giving we the whole package, i cant give attention to one thing and neglect very much other equally if not more important tasks of a great web page. Like everything around live its related to balance haha, my own my i appeared lame right with regards to there =P

I’m keen shiny new products

Hey, simply no fun allowed!

Hi folks
Bright stuff, slicing plus dicing, seo, marketing, usability and accessibility- all of it sounds great!! My question is-Where will i find the tolerance to read and learn all that will stuff

hahaha when i general jam several music while reading a PDF. Usualy i have dreamweaver and photoshop running while in the background for when something demands a little training. > _<

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