Concept to graphics stage questions.

This will likely seem like a silly question to a few, and to be honest I suppose I can work it away myself. But I simply just thought that in the event that I’m gonna do that then I am gonna still do it.

We have a concept idea for the website for your friends company and want to integrate html, adobe flash and css. Now I am new to many of the above technologies but I will be very familiar using graphic design, so the graphics will be no issue.

I am looking for the needed procedure for producing the graphics for that site. Should I create them as a whole image and cut, or create specific images and area them as needed

Up coming its flash/fireworks doubts: Can css be used with flash animations to get text based aspects of the sites just as transitions and dies out and stuff.

I’m sorry if that is the stupid question, nonetheless where better to help ask heehee!!!

Many thanks all

I would slice the photographs then export it all including the web coding. Then once you have all that. Just recreate it all as you desire it with you own hand written rule and CSS. Don’t rely within the exported html because it will always be a load of crap.
If you created it image by image you might be making plenty of hard work for your own I think. So you risk miss aligning issues. A whole image being sliced is definitely easier. You don’t should certainly export the html either. I just do for some reason.

CSS can’t be used within this flash movie. Not i always have heard any kind of way.

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