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Hi there im TWD and new for this forum. Ive enjoyed studying the threads here the way it seems there is an excellent amount of knowledge and encounter. So, I thought i would join….. so maybe you may help me having my dilemma.
I have lately taken over my site just because that I seemed to always get an earful each time I suggested, or even inquired about, changes to this site or wished to have done. Ive just lately started learning HTML PAGE and CSS, consequently im no master.
With that in mind….. heres my issue. I decided to change one more page on this site from keep to credits. After i did that, I changed the nav service on every article, I deleted just about all reference using store title, and made sure also to rub out the page by my remote site too. Yet, when I endeavor to open the page with the site, I find the webpage cannot be found. I went back even thinkin in order to start a brand new doc and spend less it to very little avail.
consequently im stumped……. anyone use a clue
http: //twdmusic. com may be the site

Hello and this is WDF.

Whenever you say

on earth do you mean you renamed that file from that will

Additionally, I went on the website and you might have an image guide, clicking the furthest correct musical note takes you to store. html, are you interested in that link to visit to credits. html

I tried to venture to https: //cp. freehostia. com/credits. html but that page isn’t going to exist.

What file thinking of trying to link to and what page(s) chek out that file

Be wary about making changes to urls when a website has been indexed by Google unless you are doing redirects. We did that once and pages been for a while in the additional index as there have been 2 pages with the same content. From a SEO standpoint, pages in the particular supplemental index usually do not do well with Google serps — Google only helps make a partial index of the pages plus they are displayed in that serps underneath all the other websites.

I still see " retail store. html"

I see no sources to " ‘tokens’. html".

Thinking of showing us the right website

very well, i was taking a look at other queries these and saw every one the new types had no results so, I went to be able to my external disc drive and just reloaded coursesmart back to what it had been I think this indexing issue should be a problem and might easily be the dilemma. So, I may only add another page or just add the ‘tokens’ as sub articles on my music page )
Thanks a ton very much regarding responding! I definitely didnt think any person would.
relation, TWD

Thanks a ton very much just for this info! I was glad you aimed this out. It’s an excellent position and actually I seriously considered but wasnt sure in the ramifications. So, this answers of which and im glad I’d back up for that site to reload this.
I really didnt think any person would respond…. 5
relation, twd

p. vertisements. yes, this is what precisely I did. However, now im just gonna find the gym to place this )
TY yet again, twd

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