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Among my clients thought he would design the system for her website herself in Adobe InDesign. I have a variety of InDesign files at this point, but I can’t figure out how to turn them straight into a site. Could anyone you need to instruct me on the way to convert from InDesign with a website

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good, i guess this won’t be as easy seeing that " just convert it into a website".

I don’t know Indesign, but i’m really sure there’s a plan for exporting styles as images.

Once exported, you can cut up these graphics in photoshop plus build your navigation based on these using tables within your favourite HTML Manager (e. g. Dreamweaver, goLive, for example. ) or program code it manually.

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InDesign is actually layout software to get PRINT. As far as I know, you cannot move images, because InDesign would not even really employ images. It creates links to shots.

Not saying the most effective way, but if I became in your predicament, here’s what I would do…

Save to be a. pdf (file> PDF FILE styles… ), amenable in Photoshop or perhaps ImageReady, and slice. Biggest problem… shipment have any cellular levels.

Determined by the files independantly, though, you just might turn off most of the boxes so that when you export the PDF FILE, you are effectively exporting layers.

IN ADDITION TO… I assume that files your clientele has provided are usually packaged, so you must have all the supply images inside on the list of folders.

Expect this helps.

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