New to dreamweaver/php etc – PLEASE HELP!!!

Our company hired a Third party to develop some of our website. they have handed it to us to manage and I’d like to see to make quite a few changes. I’ve got all the files from them and associated with the host equipment through dreamweaver. I thought dreamweaver appeared to be a WYSIWYG use but all We can see is the. php. tpl. css files in code perspective only.
How could WE see them inside design view to ensure me to alter things without as being a coding expert
Thank you!

You can’t unless you have an precise server with Apache plus PHP, etc.

So you’ll need to know what method they used (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress).
After that, manually make changes employing a text editor, either one that is with
Dreamweaver and also Notepad, or Notepad++.

But if you say " produce changes", do you mean to how pages look, or
that content itself Which includes a CMS (content supervision system), the content
is controlled through a web admin page. That’s the whole point of by using a CMS.

Therefore describe what an individual mean by " produce changes".

Yep, I want for making changes to appear and feel and layout – colours etc. Move some boxes that we arent happy with (and they need to charge ‘s to repair! ).
Relating to set up my local machines because IIS and downloaded PHP. Would I be better with Apache Must also need MySQL
Many thanks for your aid!

The templates that they have are saved as. tpl files — would this offer you a clue as to how they constructed the website

Learn specifically what script it can be.
Almost certainly in the meta tag section you are able to decipher what it can be… WordPress
Numerous CMS systems employ. tpl files (template files).

I’m not just a web server qualified, so I can’t instruct you on tips on how to run the
whole site offline (on your special server). Maybe other people knows that

You will want PHP and MySQL (most likely PHP5).

Give us the URL to the existing website and maybe we are able to figure out the particular CMS base script.

You might download the net developer toolbar with regard to Firefox, or get firebug, then you could identify the various elements on your page and you can then change the CSS required.

Do you have a very link to your webblog I might possibly tell what they’ve achieved it on need to make sure, then may be able to help more.

It is possible to view your php pages through DW with out a local server. From the " Site Definitions" and also " Manage Sites" (both include the same thing), it is possible to define a testing server, which can end up being your normal log in info with two or three different things. This offers you the preview thru DW though and never a browser.

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