annoying blue border around image

Concerning uploaded several photographs to my internet site. I user Dreamweaver CS4. I desired to use all those images as hyperlinks. I wanted to determine a bigger picture with the same image when i click over that.

Around the properties bar about Dreamweaver I input the precise path of gemstone is a better image (located in my ‘images’ folder) in the Link field.

That works fine. The matter is that now it shows a good annoying blue border surrounding the small image.

Anybody knows the right way to take away of which blue border

Thanks a great deal,

If you’ve got those images with a div, or list, or paragraph along with an id as well as class name:
. classname your: link img,. classname your: visited img,. classname your: hover img,. classname your: active img

line: none;

Study course, the faster easier way could well be just. classname your img border: not one… but I ‘m bass ackwards and do some items the easy way and several things the tricky way; -)

thanks a great deal.

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