Are incentives on online forums a good idea?

Many months ago most people asked the members of the forum to look at our new challenge www. coffeefun. com and most people also were searching for promotion ideas, so it was very difficult to enhance a new community forum. Now, we can claim with certainty that the forum is very successful and all your insight were very useful!

We changed the overall idea of this specific forum. Now it sounds like Coffee for talking. It means it is possible to earn coffee pennies while talking while in the forum and trade these cents for almost any coffee related products from our retail store http: //www. 1-800-espresso. com For this reason we created brand new design for community forum.

We want to know your opinion about it idea with coffees cents and with regards to our new design and style.

Btw, CoffeeFun ended up being only our 1st step. Some days ago we started off another forum world wide web. vitatalk. com, according to the same thought C earning vita cents while speaking about health. We hope it’ll be successful as good, but any ones comments and criticism about our projects might be greatly appreciated.

Some people consider these 25 cents for the new topic in addition to 10 cents to get replies are a type of salary. Not in any way! This is just a good way to get discounts for that products we sell in the stores. The sometimes you talk the larger ‘s your discount.

Do you think this is an excellent present for your members Are 25 or 10 cents enough

If you control spamming then seems like a fairly good option. Possible a tiny bit too much i think.

We are ready to pay these chunks now, while were organizing community in our forums. Some time later, when we advance result from these individuals, the price might be OK as good.

To avoid spam messages we recently setup a new guideline C only signed up users can post in www. CoffeeFun. com.
You’ll find no spam for just a week or not one but two and our members approved on this idea.
I would really prefer to know the actual opinions of additional forum owners along with members. Do you discover it useful

Just a few words to cost up this matter.

Its been about per month or two because we started this strategy along with the results are top notch. We saw countless forums using incentives that may be redeemed regarding goods or compact gifts. Most people claim these 10 or maybe 15 cents is not going to make them richer, but they feel richer plus they like friendly chat and try and post more.

We were happy to receive almost any your comments and opinions all of which will be happy to know more from an individual in future You are welcome to our forums world wide web. CoffeeFun. com as well as www. VitaTalk. com!

it looks like a good notion.

What response have you had from r users Have any of which redeemed any with their " cents" yet

Most of our users including the idea with coffees cents. One of them received a small discount for the set of designer cups – http: //coffeefun. com/viewtopic. phpt=590

The center of vita cents, We are afraid I cannot show you exactly, because the website is too beginning and we do not need a large number of people posting.

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