*background problem when screen resolution changes

Well I obtained a website I’d like to see to code and I’m not too good in coding although I’m designing/coding websites for 2-3 years(ocassional hobby). I always tried and retried along with asked and looked but I always got unwanted side effects. So I want to make this a single by-the-book 100% XHTML Strict/transitional W3C Valid
So I used to be thinking where should i start with along with I thought I should as well as the background. I can’t seem to manage even this town.
Such as every single thing I ever performed I can’t comprehend it to look exactly the same in every unpleasant screen resolution

…. Plenty of talking. As the simple truth is in the picture it has 2 parts. the first is a gradient via blue to white(bottom to top) as well as other part is really a black pattern thing.
How do i implement itI aren’t able to simply adjust it’s size to fit my resolution along with browser. It has to look the same for you.

And the top part is usually made with the vertical 1px slice the underside one has a pattern in order that it can’t.
i used to be thinking I can divide the site in 2 DIVS: key and footer and set a peak percentage % like 80& 20 out of CSS. Use as backdrop for main a new vertical slice and a big image for that footer. But still in which wouldn’t fix an excess of… I don’t recognize.
What would you do if it absolutely was your website

world wide web. w3schools. com has a quality CSS examples.
Undecided if I’m comprehension your problem, but would you set your background inside the body part of the css and just build a < div> for any footer.

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