more browser help with div positionins

we’ve got 2 divs, 1 layered onto the other being a smaller textbox….. the html page results fine in IE, centered inside the window, and the textbox will be the right size, nevertheless,
in Firefox the textbox doesn’t respect its dimensions and it is too tall plus wide!!…. plus, the main page is definitely not centered.

i would like the background div #frame for being centered in many browsers, and i desire the div #textbox to be positioned relative on the div #frame to ensure it can be the correct size.

i favor having the #textbox being a div so the text can scroll, but would them be better for positioning to set-up a table within #frame to keep a td for the content of this div #textbox

attached is you html page as well as css as some sort of txt file (wdf won’t okay upload css files)

thanks for all the great responses!

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