Edit pages through online interface

Is there methods to edit a site while it is online with the browser rather as compared with edit the raw script

I know associated with portal and blog but at this time I don’t have a MySQL database spare that may cause a difficulty.

You can change your webpage inside your browser, but your the only one who can notice the output.

Mage, that’s not true. You will use PHP to open, edit, and save any files on your webspace. What do you think you’re using this for this will determine the script you need to look for.

I just want an easier method of editing my HTML pages it doesn’t need offline script editors.

You mean like a web based editor Some contains (http: //brinkster. com) is one who have a internet editor, which offers the chance to manually edit the HTML/source of your pages.

Also, most free types (yahoo/geocities, angelfire) also have similar.

Is niagra what you indicate

As I believe bfsog was having at… do you wish a WYSIWYG editor or to the source

Basically I want it to be built in to the actual website.

So I log on also it will give me an alternative to edit selected text areas Truly created.

Good, 2 options (as WHEN I see it).

ONE PARTICULAR way: you use a web page editor (like the particular brinkster one MY PARTNER AND I mentioned).
This can be offered by a person’s host, and consequently is secure. You log towards this area and may upload/delete/edit files. Using this type of way, there should be only normally 1 username and also password combination gain access to this.

A COUPLE OF: You create this script yourself (or utilize a pre-made one). They might possibly be named " file managers" – allowing to do yet features of the previous one I presented.

It comes with an alternative. In your last post, you mention " alter certain text areas". If by this particular you mean a post/article (such to be a review of a house game, what you got for dinner the particular night before). Every post (or submission) can be editable itself.

These kinds of systems are labeled content management techniques, but for your requirements, a simple site script would sufficient.

Expect this helps.

I’ve looked suitable blog and at this time I only own one database that is in use through the forum but of age Lycos are upgrading my package (as well as being the price) so I am going to be getting extra database that I could truthfully use to chaos around with a few free blog program.

Yes but one database can offer x tables. Do you have permissions on this database

I don’t know.

That forum added this tables itself.

So could We have a phpBB forum plus a blog using exactly the same database

Whenever you can create tables upon that database, and usually do not try and utilize same name being an already taken table, then yes.

Ok then I am going to try it and see what the results are.

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