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i just purchased a world wide web template and my partner and i thought that my web skills were greater than that are. What i want is pretty very simple if some one is willing to assistance just set the idea up right and add a couple of thing i will offer my services for you to them. I am an exceptionally skilled 3D Artist been needed for the field for a long period now. I do character types vehicles hard area fluid simulation and much more. please get back to me..
and thanks for all you help
: tense:

oh i forgot to include this is our current site its pretty bad but you will observe someof my Still renders work there

http: //threedfxman. xtreemhost. com/

Perhaps you have uploaded your template so you can see it in action
You’ll need to do that first.

yah i are capable of doing that gimme a little bit

im putting it up now but its a free host so it is slow as terrible

i are in there however i cant see it only go there

now im lost all used to do was upload that

ok it’s there now

Wherever is " there now"

http: //threedfxman. xtreemhost. com/

So template (looks such as Flash) looks extremely nice.
Just what was your concern again

In the event it’s about editing the Flash rule, you’ll have to be able to find
another person that does Adobe flash… maybe not in the part of the actual forum


I am also agree using Mr. Mlseim.
He really grant you right opinion on this matter, and I just suggest, you please take more assist from Mr. Mlseim.
In order to want help from me, so please contact me during my signature.
All the best

Easy net templates.

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