How can I remove the empty space on my website

What will i do to remove the ghastly bare space on my own website Before uploading it towards the internet I tested it in Dreamweaver and it also looked alright but when i uploaded it (just consider! ) there is niagra huge empty area. The site is at www. letsmakenigeriaabetterplace. com

You need to help.

I do not own time to check (1: 00am), but 99% of the time, that happens once the widths of individuals floated elements are usually too wide, so they end up dropping down and doing a myriad of wierd things. The belief that it looks okay in DW without in a browser, tells me that some of those widths is maybe Couple pixels too huge (ok, maybe SEVERAL or 4). Shave some of those divs down as well as I’ll bet everthing slides back into place.

*Note: You could have position: absolute mixed around a floated factors, which may become your problem too, since it will be after your float declaration, it could override the float. So check that out as well. Don’t mix float and absolute roles.

Hi Aeroweb99 I have checked the style sheet and I still can’t determine it out. Yes us a palm. Where do you think the extra pixels are

After making this post Let me open Dreamweaver to think about the code once more. Thanks.

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