How can People Upload their Pictures to My Site?

I’d like to see to build an affiliate site for a Different Film that I will Produce. I need potential actors as well as actresses to fill in a form and within the form I want an establishment for them that will upload their images. Actually only one picture to ensure I know what they mimic and can complete some table casting. I would such as the pictures to always be about 250px by simply 200px. Please what will i do to do this How can I limit the size and style of the picture make can upload What exactly code do I intend to make it possible regarding them to add their pics to start with

It would be a PHP script employed for uploading.
Perhaps using MySQL, dependant upon how many individuals are involved.

You have some other decisions for making…

1) Do they need to know a password for you to upload,
or log-in On the web plan on making it so only
people can use it

2) Are you wanting people does that involve

3) Are they supposed to be able to edit and " add"
or perhaps " delete" recommended to their profile, and adjust the photo

4) No one can see the spreading Anyone, or merely certain
people that log-in (with passwords)

5) What about other files, like PDF (resume, selection, etc)

All of these things will affect the scripting, and how much
scripting will be required. You could just end-up using the services of a
freelance programmer to do all of the background database products.

or allow them use vimeo. let them contact you the connect to their video or to their username also , you can view their particular channel. then you’ll be able to create a youtube channel for ones movie(free marketing) and now have those that qualify log in and upload a seg to that particular account. youtube has a api called filmstrip that you may customise right within the youtube sight as well as embed the code as part of your sight. when someone important a vid inside strip it could play the movie on the sight. leaving the accounts headache to youtube also , you with videos on the sight.

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