How to design simple 1 page Website

Howdy everyone. I am new to the current forum and this really is my first submit and first question.
I have discovered plenty of 1page websites along with noticed that they look pre-installed such that this owners just tweaks them to fit in to their desires like everyone else can tweak smf, drupal and Joomla and various CMSes.
checkout this site and pls tell me the right way to go about building such 1 web site sites.
http: //www. the-wiggly-worm. com/

While they could seem that approach… they really are not.

Your browser is known for a View > Page Source command which tells you the page computer code. Given there’s very little Doctype specification, you might want to develop a straightforward page yourself, it really is pretty basic.

Another is to Document > Save while… You can then take a look at how the site works, and learn things you require to do that will put your own word in there.

Nonetheless, this is going to be more complicated than the usual simple editor window where you just type in brand-new text. Most with the people in this niche will advertise you a web site layout generator.

Also you can find a cost-free layout generator internet. However, the layout won’t contain the graphics inserted, nor will it explain to you where — you’ll need to know how markup works to undertake much with that…. And you’ll want to find out how to upload it to your host via FTP.


System generator

Templates for sales letters don’t know this person, just did a search via Google.

Thanks on your reply. But what package is a page designed along with.
We have viewed the reference codes but still dont understand them.
I want to be able to also know whenever a an existing software package that makes this kind of sites-design process simpler

Sometimes the generator is due to the code, and not this time.

It really is pretty easy already as compared to even a moderately complicated site. But remember even drupal, joomla while others don’t just show up. A CMS needs to be installed, configured, and layout re-structured — which takes considerably more doing in comparison with simply learning martial arts training of HTML.

Simply because the editor window the simple truth is seems " effortless, " doesn’t mean there isn’t any lot more you aren’t going to seeing. Log in since Administrator and it’s just a different picture — specially drupal.

You have a couple of choices. Learn or pay someone to perform it.


NVU HTML PAGE editor. This is a simple to use way to edit the web site source.

I designed a niche site for my big brother, it is just about all one page, however the sections are broken down up by divs as well as headings, which are then transformed in to javascript tabs, employing javascript.. if the consumer doens’t have javascript enabled, then everthing is still displayed, just along with headings.

Here it really is: http: //www. diddy29. 110mb. com/tricki/

thought you might find it exciting. (it’s still your working progress, so that it isn’t finished yet)

There might end up being some info from the site in my own sig that will let you here.

Over time, you’re probably better off utilizing a normal web article editor, than implementing easy solutions.

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