How to get the comments off of WordPress

I am starting a smaller site for my aunt at www. bigislandsalon. com. I am using a hubpages theme, but would like to make it more of a web site than the usual blog. How am i allowed to get it to be able to where none with the comment tabs make an appearance Thanks!

Notice this:

http: //wphackr. com/turn-off-comments/

Good info. Do you perform any web work Just how much do you charge My business is looking to do several projects, but am sorts of on a price range. Do you understand how I would increase more text into your header Thanks,

Do you mean the prime header (banner) section, with the person on it

POST do freelance, but I’m booked-up for the moment…
can’t take on any more operate.

I see an individual did post for other assist in the " obtain help" section on the forum.
Anybody improve with that

Yes, the banner part with the woman on that. I want for you to adjust the textual content size and add another line of text under the idea.
I obtained one person serious, on the internet site, but found not a soul for the WATER AND SOAP programming. Do you learn anyone that will SOAP programming Are you aware anyone that could developed a site similar to valuevacationrentals. com for all over $1000 or around there I do believe they might need to build about SEVERAL pages and build a content management system.

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