Shopping cart webiste design..?!??!

hello there experts..

we’ve given an work on shopping carry website.. i’m just confused on learning to make the website glance pro and user- pleasant…

i dunno in making the site inot structures or tables what type is better..

then made from combination is an additional prob.. is it ok only used dark blue and orange and also brown..

Don’t double post. Likewise, avoid frames if it is going to be something qualified.

Frams are for new webdesigners and those with little time books dont need to change lets claim the links to the table of contents and if you have a big site its much healthier but not with regard to other. i recently manufactured a frame site for any robotics competion and we came upwards in like Tenth place or a thing (only 20 people today in competion) im almost sure in case we made the same site but without frames may well have placed no less than 5th.

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