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Howdy everyone and Lets hope I have the thread within the right place. I recently recently graduated coming from a web design lessons and designed an affiliate site for a close friend that owns an exclusive lending company. A basic HTML CODE site nothing nice but this friend has a friend what a realtor and has 80 real estate agents working for the pup. He liked precisely what he saw of the private lending provider site and wants me to provide him a plan and also a bid on what I could truthfully do for the pup. As I am new to that and not looking this to pass me by, does anyone have any tips which may help me out I are considering that the site would include all realtors along with the listings and I am certain that with a lot of research and time I could sort this out but I was hoping that with all the professional web designers which might be in here possibly you guys could possibly give me some pointers to post me off from the right direction. Thanks for virtually any help you may possibly provide. Feel cost-free to email me personally at alanmdirect. net sale.

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