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Hi i will be looking for cool easy to build forums to addd that will my site in the event u have n e i’d personally be grateful in case you could help me personally cheers: lick:

PHPBB Let me recommend. link is in my signature. You will require experience in PHP/HTML to acquire any forums to operate. Or at lowest another language.

I use Invision with regard to mine. Just follow the particular setup directions very carefully and it’s quite simple.

I employed Invision, but now utilize phpbb cause its more easier make use of and it features more skins then invsion plus much more are free!

Invision have lately stopped promoting your free version health of their software, concentrating as a substitute on their pay out one… in simple fact, I’m not even sure that the download of the particular free version remains to be available.

phpBB is good, as preceding, or there’s another package called Simplemachines (http: //www. simplemachines. org) that is certainly an evolution of the earlier board named YabbSE. I always preferred YabbSE so will recommend giving Simplemachines a hunt, if only for you to compare it having phpBB.

This will, of course, presuppose that you can download PHP. I am not really " in that know" on Windows/ASP totally free BBS software Now i’m afraid.


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