can i give a website look to my blogspot blog??

hello there,

Concerning a blog from the bloger, plz can an individual suggest me how can i give a websie look to my blog while header, footer, palate fields in my blog


It is dependent upon what blog script (or program) which you have
Hubpages for example

Give us a link to your blog so we can see it.

without a doubt,

that my blog website…..

online world. jk-tuition-coaching-centre. blogspot. com/

So you have to a web site

1) a way to look like your blog
2) your blog to take a look like your website

I’m unsure which way you are going.

Hello there, you have to set up a good shopping blogspot theme to provide it a expert loop. search google when using the term " blogspot concept download" and you’ll find a lot analysts. you will uncover good blogspot subjects in sites like http: //www. eblogtemplates. com.

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