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Has anybody read this specific book Does that really help adding into practise what I’ve learnt from " HTML Utopia Desining with no tables using CSS"

I’ve picked up the basics, and today I need help with how to really put everything into practice by designing the complete website in CSS having graphics etc.

WE haven’t read that book, but I’ve viewed it a tad (just didn’t would like to drop that much money on them then, so I got an XML book). I are not aware of how well it puts the ideas into practice however.

Eric Meyer’s books appear to put CSS to practical and graphical apply though. You may choose to check into those people.

I ‘m reading it. Not finished yet but a long way I believe that it is good.

We have a lot of design talk in there and they also cover bits connected with design theory, processes and gubbins that adheres to that, which i really like. So if the into that almost thing and want to know a lot of the designers thoughts in addition to decisions that went in designs you will like it too.

Wish this helps.

With thanks. I think I’ll get considered one of Eric Meyer’s books which one too!

I got it. It’s very good, but not for the $40 list value. Find it about Amazon for $25 continue time I looked at.

Thanks filburt. Thats where I had been going to obtain it from, and with the exchange charge it comes definitely cheap.

HTML Utopia Desining without tables using CSS is a superb book. That’s the book that got me started on this CSS journey to start with. Even once you might have finished it, this can be a great reference also. Dan Cederholm’s " Online standard solutions" is a superb book as good. Some good techniques and tips with there. One in the best books We have read.

I realize you did, I asked before inside forum if any individual had read it and you recommended it if you ask me. Thanks for which. I finished reading it individual and have received the hang of CSS a little, but I still need even more guidance. If I design an online site now I have no idea how to commence it off by using CSS. I’ve only used what I’ve learnt until now to create menus and various little things in this article and there.

Ah sorry, my bad. In which circumstance, back to that books already encouraged. The sitepoint book is really a gooden. Also, maybe look into CSS Anthology also from Sitepoint. I haven’t ordered it but have heard the right things about the idea.

Thanks, WE ordered the Zen yard one from Amazon. Once I complete it I’ll order one of the other recommendations far too. They seem that they are quite good.

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