Redesign considerations – getting away from javscript navigation

I want to redesign the site navigation, right this moment it is made with javascript so that it is easier to regulate across hundreds of pages from the single file.

The condition that i prefer to fix during this specific update:
The Navigation is not visible to search engines and thus is just not getting crawled.

Ideally I would like to manage direction-finding from one file and still have it inserted throughout each page.

I have used SSI in the past, but it would not play well together with IIS without transforming the file

extensions to. shtml, which I don’t can do. Currently the report extensions are most of. htm.

What solutions regarded as a consider when carrying this out update

Are you ready for best practices intended for creating navigation that is definitely easily updated across hundreds of pages

Thanks earlier for any reviews.

Read the threads within this discussion, mlseim discusses using PHP with regard to just this purpose!

Thanks for any suggestion and url jyuill,
php appears to be a good method. I have only worked with php on squidoo blogs before. Used to do a search and php is fine on IIS servers.

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