RSS feed? need help

http: //bizsms. tgisms. com

I’m publishing RSS feeds for this site. But the feeds dont are most often working. Bloglines. com cannot find them.

Firefox discover them, but says " Live bookmark feed failed to load"

Can someone please check it out for me

With thanks

Seems to get something about a person’s auto-detect. Your file format looks good, and follows spec – such as go here and you will probably see bloglines can find the feed excellent.

It’s my opinion your link tags are the culprit. Check out my verizon prepaid phone:

< link rel=" alternate" type=" application/rss+xml" title=" RSS 2. 0" href=" http: //www. warpspire. com/wp-rss2. php" /> 

It’s got a different type and also, remember to nearby your tags ( /> )

Try that out and examine if it solves it

Howdy Brak,

Thanks for your help. I shut the tag, and also changed my kind from " application+xml" in order to " application/rss+xml" So that they now work.: common:

Shot for your help.

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