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Greetings all,
I’m returning to building webpages after a lengthy layoff, lots associated with problems, but here’s the most irritating one;
I am aware the viewer can alter text size of their browsers, but should you increase text size an excess of, my titles and images just get haywire and overlap.
We are using tables by using dreamweaver, is there ways to stipulate a utmost text size inside different browsers


I would higly suggest not forceing your text size but allow your website to flow with the text size be aware that changeing text message size is css also , you can work having padding margins along with relative positioning in order to achive the effect maybe you have trouble useing some sort of wysiwyg editor. post the positioning and i will attempt to help

It is possible to stipulate an correct text size utilizing some css electronic. g. < entire body style=" font-size: 12px; " and it will apear that size for all browsers. However, Firefox and opera users will always be able to override your personal settings. You should leave some circumstances to the end consumer. If they preferred larger fonts – they will have had a good reason to carry out so. (e. he. they are visually impaired). You can assume should the knew making the fonts larger, then they would be aware of the potential problems and adjust its browser settings by themselves without you messing with their browser settings for your.

Thanks for your, I take your own point that users really need some freedom, I do believe I may just set it into a reasoable size then allow for another person increasing it, I simply dont quite realize why it doesnt many move together, ie images move down for the reason that text gets more substantial.. as in a word processor when it wraps… but thats my ignorance of html as an alternative to anything else!



post the positioning and i can endeavor to help

Inside it’s natural state, the text from the html would streatch and proceed to fit the articles and font sizing’s. However, if you contrict your text inside table cells to make rows and columns of fixed dimensions, then there is no overflow space. You can adjust your design to make the page cope with different systems greater. If you show us the positioning, then we can discuss what changes you might do to impove elements.

Thanks for your reply, here is the link to the site, which hasnt absent live yet… ( one good thing is!! )


internet. cedarland. co. uk/test/index. htm.

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