selling a domain name???

howdy, me and my local freinds own underthepowerlines. com from godaddy. com, and several political campaign which includes the same name would like to buy our domain for $1000. does anyone know the simplest way to go regarding selling them this regarded as a just give these individuals my password to be able to godaddy, or is there methods to do it by way of godaddy

sorry i dont know very well what im doing using this type of, we just became lucky and bought a website someone else desired!

I think I remember a whole section within GoDaddy that teaches on this issue.
Log into GoDaddy and show around. Also, search for any forums which specifically
manage GoDaddy and website parking.

I believe someone else will post here along with some info.

You can sell your website directly through GoDaddy in there marketplace. GoDaddy support will be more then happy to assist you with that.

We have read your prerequisite if anyone wants i’ll suggest him to obtain from yours.

There are lots of aftermarket escrow products for domain product sales, including GoDaddy, AfterNIC, Tucows, for example…

Given that your websites are not high value I think you can’t spend on public sale sites. Go with the personal option.

Net development.

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