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Hello there
http: //www. alldeathnote. com/deathnotewallpaperslb. php

This really is my wallpaper gallery plus im using slimbox, now many of the wallpapers are 1600×1200 while clicked, they increase onto the display screen.
I would like to scale decrease the image, but cant get the correct css or javascript to perform so

situation: absolute;
remaining: 0;
prime: 0;
line: 10px solid #fff;
background-repeat: no-repeat;

Here is the css property designed for the image jar, it looks for instance theyre setting that image up to be a background, and thus i cant transform its height d width

http: //www. digitalia. be/software/slimbox2

Here is the link to slimbox the place that the javascript source is often gotten from.

When you guys could guide id greatly thanks, this codes merely a lil to complex for me.
Plainly could just obtain the correct place while in the javascript to perhaps add like

/2 to help image height along with width, i feel itd be great

How concerning using PHP GD to help resize it

Your link travels to another PHP script in which displays the single
wallpaper any size you choose. It could likewise display it in a very pop-up
if you love those.

Your link would seem like this:

< your href=" display. phppic=dragons. jpg" > Dragons Wallpaper< /a>

Given that you’re currently possibly not linking to another PHP script or perhaps webpage, you could somehow
should get a place to help display the half-size photography. I recommend you create a page
identified as " display. php" where you display the reduced wallpaper photo as well as other

You may also display any JPG image half size utilize the < img src> tag like that:
< img src=" display. phppic=myfavoritewallpaper. jpg" alt=" " />

The actual PHP script referred to as " display. php" would seem like this:



//  Following  is  the  actual  HTML  for  the  page  that  shows  your  reduced  image.
//  Use  CSS  or  whatever  you  want  for  the  web site.

< html>
< body>
< img  src="show. phppic=< =$pic> "  />
< /body>
< /html>

The actual PHP GD script to render the image, called " display. php" looks like this:


< php

//  path  (directory)  to  your  photographs,   include  trailing  slash  /


$filename=$path. $_GET'pic';

//  Get  the  dimensions
list($width_orig,   $height_orig)  =  getimagesize($filename);

//  Resize  if  desired ...   this  example  is  half-size

//  Resample
$image_p  imagecreatetruecolor($width,   $height);
$image  imagecreatefromjpeg($filename);
imagecopyresampled($image_p,   $image,   0,   0,   0,   0,   $width,   $height,   $width_orig,   $height_orig);

//  Output
header('Content-type:   image/jpeg');
imagejpeg($image_p,   null,   100);

//  Clean-up  Memory


hey msleim, thanks for that suggestion.
unfortunately it’s not what i really want.

tkae a peek at
http: //www. alldeathnote. com/deathnotewallpapers. php

Here is the way im currently performing it, but using CSS to help style the image around the new page and also drop its size and height in the same %.

the deathnotewallpaperLB (lb located for lightbox) will be new effect i want to achieve.
Love it if more like the appearance, feel, and elegancy nevertheless simpleness of lightbox and would choose to use it as there’s no doubt that it gives my site some desired flare.

thanks for ones suggestion

Could you possibly review the slimbox javascript n see whenever you can figure out wherever it dumps your image… i may change this to help an image label and then
model the image for instance so

#lbOverlay imgheight: 80%; thicker: 80%;

Ones help is muchly valued

really nothing
I am talking about lightbox is debate, has no1 encounter this problem nevertheless

Because resizing around the fly takes so much processing time, MY PARTNER AND I usually
do the resizing if your image is downloaded… making a pair copies
with the same image with different sizes (like the complete and a thumb)… for you personally,
you’d have 3 measurements (thumb, lightbox sizing, full size).

So personally, it has not been a challenge.

hmmm, 3 sizes cry.
that is just the best choice at this point


If anyone upload an image using PHP, you have available GD to resize automatically
after which you can save it… or all three sizes for you personally. Just add some sort of suffix within
the filename along with reference it like that later on, illustration:

mywallpaper123_l. jpg (large)
mywallpaper123_m. jpg (medium)
mywallpaper123_s. jpg (small)

my sites are built from scratch without CMS. i replace content myself.
thus i dont wanna assemble the upload mode. I will only use photoshop macros research the wallpapers record and resize (my thumbnails are all manufactured from a photoshop macro) allow me to append the suffix there i suppose. thanks for many your help


You may earn things sort of easier if you are using a simple word flat-file database
to deal with your images. Apply your photo editor to resize these individuals, and then upload
them to an image directory.

Make a bare text file with a directory of images, each one has an ID, filename, along with caption. <

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