Someone Stole My Website! Please Help

WE built a absolutely functional ecommerce website two weeks ago, after which you can published it on the internet. Just a short time ago, I tested its stats plus its referring websites……… one of these people listed was an exact replica of THE website! They did actually copy the origin code, images, javascripts, and every one of the pages and uploaded them recommended to their server.


All I’m sure is the model’s email address, and I am undecided how to face this or the actual legalities involved. Remember to help me……. Concerning all the authentic PNG format shots if needed.

Primary Website: http: //www. rosebliss. com/

Unlawful Replica Website: http: //rafael. dahan. nl/

Really. That is one of the cheapest rip work opportunities I’ve ever seen. They even required the name as well as Dane Designs and also everything.

What I’d do is this particular: get screen captures with the work right today, as it’s becoming done. Then inform anyone via email of your intentions (i. age. to progress under legal standing as required. )

Sorry to say, contacting the host to get the site banned is not an alternative since the master of bohost. com (the dahan. nl domain name host) is Albert Dahan (the human being who ripped your site).

Your only option Allow me to see is to perform the following:

  1. Take screen captures with the offending rafael. dahan. nl along with burn them upon a recordable CD, ensuring that anyone burn the time frame of capture at the same time.
  2. Wait to determine who Dahan does this website for. Chances tend to be, this guy isn’t doing it for himself, then when the name on the company who it is actually for is usually revealed, hammer these. You’ll end upward protecting the integrity of your design and costing buddy a person (which is a new fair trade IMHO with regard to what he do to you).

regards for your assistance. I contacted this guy and he took down the actual website immediately and said it absolutely was for " test out purposes"………. check out the URL today, it shows his / her apology.

I’d award you using the 20 turtle money, but when I click the url it brings me to one page.

Thanks, tox0tes. I’ll report your error to filburt so he is able to fix it.

I’m not really sure that’s an apology but at the very least it’s down, that’s the key factor.

If you can provide the specific error, it would help.

Click the merit button filburt to determine it (i’ve PM’d u with it).

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