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Still endeavoring to hone some web coding skills.. I’ve noticed that alot of designers will nest tables and use plenty of tables all spanning a page. Is that one way just to make sure things stay place the way they should Is there a main purpose for all you tables And by using CSS, is it possibly necessary anymore I’ve seen a stand with one cell which has a table nested because… why for

As an example, check out the source because of this page: http: //www. bakingshop. com/bc/item/wk-6ds. htm

You will find tables everywhere!

Thanks alot

Tables had been the main way of laying things out and about.. It is messy and unneccessary.. CSS will be new way.. It has a more rational structure and right now there isn’t all this messy code, that comes with tables..

I’ll provide you with the same inbound links I gave some1 otherwise on these user discussion forums earlier..
Many are CSS based patterns.. Check out the actual source code..

http: //www. csszengarden. com
http: //www. cssvault. com

Information good site to learn basic CSS as well as other design languages..

http: //www. w3schools. com

Tables inside dining tables was a crude knack of using html — a markup language – to create a layout : something that HTML DOCUMENT was never suitable for.

Only with dining tables in tables can a designer ensure the best way tall and wide certain areas were to the page, and have finish control over just what exactly their pages appeared as if (apart from just what exactly each browsers concepts were).

Nevertheless with CSS, that isnt necessary now days.

HTML need to be used to file format the content and CSS really should be used to arrangement the layout in addition to design. You wouldnt start using a CSS file to help markup content, so just why use HTML to help markup a layout

THanks with regard to responding!

I’ve actually been plugging via a CSS book… Gettin presently there! I know precisely why people had at first used tables (me being one of them, check out http: //www. clownartist. com along with http: //www. merrimacalpacas. com) You can view that I such as using tables as it allows me in order to sew together several complex images.

I got starting to assume though that my make use of tables was to some degree " simple" following seeing people visit nesting crazy along with " tables all over" crazy. I got wondering if there were something I should realise that I didn’t!

Many big sites nevertheless use tables purely for compatibility. Review ebay’s homepage. The preferred method would be to use just CSS eventhough it will cause severe headaches with different browsers until you get used to it.

I used to help impletement nested tables everyday because I didn’t want to cope with rowspan/colspan crap. Now I apply CSS and I suffer from Firefox/Internet Explorer crap. Just joking, lol.

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