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Hello there all,
The actual scenario is because follows: I’m using dreamweaver CS3 having Developer Toolbox off shoot. And a database which includes a table with fields: id(integer), name(varchar), content(longtext). The actual text inside quotes ( " " ) describes a field from the database.

Concerning a form that has a dynamic list/menu item that gets the (" id" while value, and " name" as label) and it’s working like no bodies business!. And a textarea (for " content" field) which will contents are displayed dynamically using " Multi-Field Drop-down" server behaviour with the DeveloperToolbox > Mode Control. This means everything is working well, choose the " name" with the list/menu and it is corresponding " content" is displayed inside the textarea.
Screenshots to help you understand better:

Look at attachment 4131

Look at attachment 4132

The matter is when I place the tinymce script and also the text area will be successfully rigged way up with that good editor, it will not likely display " content" next time i choose a " name", it is going to only display that " content" with the first " name" available if your page loads, all over again, choosing a " name" will never update " content" with the now tinymce textarea.
Screenshots to help you understand better:

Look at attachment 4133

Look at attachment 4134

Related to I described the issue correctly, I experimented with my best, and regards very much for every help you provides.

Just to let’s you know this post is just not getting ignored.

Personally i think kind of embarassed to express that I don’t understand the post.

Maybe if there were any recordings web page to check out your example

This really is all code linked.

I’d guess using PHP plus Javascripting together is the method to apply.
But we not able to see how it can be programmed, screenshots don’t have any meaning.

Everybody have never used Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox.

Maybe somebody else might have a reply… sorry.

TinyMCE generally endeavors to hook itself approximately the change handlers on the text field to update the text it can be displaying in once more to whatever’s in the field. Something important to know about rich text editors online is the fact they don’t actually operate on the original copy field. What they do is create a different iframe, push the content with the text field directly into that iframe, and then fixed various properties within the iframe that tell the browser most effective for you a rich textual content editor. Then they do a handful of voodoo around that to provide it toolbars along with such.

While you set the textual content programatically, you should manually tell TinyMCE that will refresh the articles that it’s touch-ups. There are a number of ways to start this. The first is usually to set the content directly to the editor instead connected with setting it within the textarea. Assuming your editor is a minicodetinyMCE/minicode changing:

tinyMCE. setContent('new text for area'); 

Otherwise, when you finally update the textarea it is possible to tell tinyMCE to reread after that:

tinyMCE. updateContent('textarea1'); 

Where textarea1 will be id of this textarea it ought to read from.

Regards very much Shadowfiend, I can try and experiment about that, right now I’m employing a simple workaround; get the select number (like the graphic in my first post) and press a publish button and transfer on-line as a POST variable and populate that editor on an additional page.

But still I can experiment with that, thanks again for that great explanation.

Glad to possibly be of help — allow us to know if you have it working (or if you would like more help). Being clear, your option would be a perfectly respectable and good you, and your technique should probably fall back on it if Javascript isn’t present or malfunctions for whatever reason.

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