Why is my site such a mess??

My organization is relatively new to website development. I did one other site and all was seamless, but that one is a substantial disaster. I screened it on my computer and this laptop, in Internet Explorer in addition to Mozilla Firefox plus it worked fine. I checked it today on my work computer and its a disaster. I am speculating the monitor dimensions has something related to it Also, it can not show up on google, even once i type in my web addess directly into google, it still doesn’t come up.
If anyone is willing to consider my site and also tell me what i’m doing wrong, let me be forever indebted to you personally.
online world. southendgardens. com
Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had no problems on the site. Love those purple flowers in your home page!

You will have very big still left and right margins within the main text spot. That will cause issues on cheaper resolutions.

Additionally, you’re using framesets. I know that’s causing Search engines issues. It’s no longer helping your usability, both!

Thank you for your info. I removed folks search that was in the very bottom in the page and it looks like it’s fine now. Yet again, thank you.

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