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how much does this file inform the server still attemting to your workplace on making one, so what should this file perform It defines the way the server works, sorta much like the Windows registry. any and also the a file, or would that be an excess of of a safety risk Transfer it to new PHP section Getting some help within the Apache one at this time… jeez looks elaborate. nah, really not much to can w/ php, just wonderin just what the file should… search online for httpd. conf trial and download the item. that may possibly work… It’s the Apache configuration record l think. A variety of goodies in right now there, of course being freeware nobody has been arsed writting worthwhile tutorials about it…. Apache comes by using an httpd. conf with plenty of documentation in this… Geez jello speak about digging up a well used thread! I thought the fact that. conf extension gave away who’s was a configuration file! But Beaker i am talking Americans these….. hey heya hey… none of this… i knew it was a configuration file, but i needed to know what the idea did…

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div instead of frame

Hello guys, I must have my left column regarding my site being updated all the time, so instead of getting to redo every single page of our site, I thought i would add a style, but I forgot how " bad" eyeglass frames are, so You want to add a new div, can somebody give me the code please Bless you. isnt it just a div align left " whatever pixels". I dont know, thats exactly why Im asking. Ive been doing a full time encoding job so website design knowledge continues to be pushed out regarding my head subsequently. I:: feel:: " align left" will affect the text inside the box NOT the exact positioning of this box, but Im just learning CSS intended for layouts. Instead you would want to position: left=0 pixels. < might be wrong> Additionally, the rest with the layout will most likely be affected by the area on the quit, so those houses will also must be affected. Quick: you could try a table and place a div with the left part into the cell (to steer clear of converting the rest of the layout). It are often helpful to see what it really … Continue reading

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Client updates

Hi We have a web site i always manage for a client who may have suddenly asked when they can update sections of their website themselves. They want limited knowledge involving html and I don’t want to give them excessive access in circumstance they mess the main site up. It is possible to best thing to make use of to allow another party access to update an affiliate site I’m in search of something that is usually either cheap to acquire, or preferably totally free. A CMS is a usual answer within this situation. You access coursesmart at admin stage, and have usage of code. They access coursesmart at contributor level and they are presented by your window, depending to the CMS, much such as the post window over a forum. They might type articles, arrangement text and prospect lists, add links along with graphics, and so on. It really depends on the type of site and anyone, the workflow along with content strategy in the site which CMS is actually right. A publishing model might gravitate to help Drupal, which permits editor approval before an article typed by your contributor goes live. In many cases people as well as … Continue reading

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I want to incorporate a list

Greetings to you all! I have a summary of about 700+ goods with item numbers we created in MICROSOFT Excel. I need to add them to a web page, preferably so visitors can press and download the list once they choose. What are the suggestions on the simplest way to accomplish this Thank you in advance in your replies. Howdy Sun Diva, you are welcome to WDF. To confirm, you have a listing of over 700 objects in an Stand out document, correct So you want these items looking on a page Working with a link to the actual excel file is not a problem, however displaying a strong excel document over a webpage is. It is just a problem because you should not assume that every user on line has Excel on their machine. So, before we will offer you further guidance, am I perfect in saying you desire the actual Excel spreadsheet looking on a web site I’m wondering if you that you like the actual variety to be on the internet, not the Excel file You can save a copy of that file as a new CSV (comma segregated variable) type file and use PHP to help … Continue reading

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Universal Menu?

I maintain a huge web site composing of over 20 internet pages. The site is often updated with an innovative page, I am racking your brains on how to produce an acutal course-plotting single page to become linked to all of the pages. The navigation bar is often a series of links (images) that go lower the left side with the page, the array is consistant. I have made CSS style sheets for your main layout nonetheless I cannot find anything that should tell me steps to make a single page while using page links so that updating consists connected with one page in lieu of 20. Is this possible and when so could people tell me how. Many thanks! Yes, employing PHP. Because you didn’t post this while in the PHP section, I’m undecided how much you understand about PHP. It involves scripting (or programming) the item so that one particular script (file) is included on most of pages. The script additionally handles the various highlighting along with link control determined by which page can be being displayed at this time. Widening further with PHP, you can also have A SINGLE page (like index. php) that is a base … Continue reading

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How to let the client add content to a site?

Good day, I’m currently working away at a project pertaining to an estate realtor who wants to begin an online selection of properties. The positioning will be easy, just a showcase gallery with pictures and text, so what will be the best way to line it up in order that he could add properties into the site on a regular basis Thanks greatly, Adam Dalton Adam, This is certainly done using PHP and also MySQL. It would be as simple while finding (or creating) a new script where some sort of logged-in person may possibly add/edit/delete properties… or you might find an current script and convert it. Another thought is always to use a CMS method of script, like WordPress. You didn’t post this from the PHP section on the forum, so Now i’m guessing you have no idea PHP. You could use a freelancer programmer to complete the back-end scripting to suit your needs. It wouldn’t cost greatly. i have got a script i can share section of but it is within php no database required, it makes use of your existing files. if you the phone that is. create an admin section to the site with what changes … Continue reading

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no frames = redoing menus on multiple pages?

Soon after abandoning frames regarding CSS positioning, I discover that if I really need to change the list, I have to go to every page and do the identical change. Is there any way to avoid this Employ PHP Includes. That means you need to either make all pages possess a. php extension… great if they by now do. If hi-def, and you are unable to make the extensions . php, feel free to use. htaccess to procedure your. html as well as. htm files since PHP. You could have one file (PHP script) identified as " menu. php". The particular one script is employed, (included) on all your pages. With every page, you could have: < php include(" menu. php" )> where you wish the menu to be. Just about any change you generate to " menu. php" will seem on all pages. You may as well use PHP scripting in just " menu. php" for you to alter the palate items and characteristics based on which page can be being viewed. As you’re didn’t post this from the PHP section, I’m uncertain what your PHP practical knowledge is. That would be none – I guess the subsequent question … Continue reading

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We need some assistance. I want that will put a gallery on the website im implementing but i cant often find worth keeping. I have utilized lightbox but i dont would like to use it at every site post do. So im searching for a photogallery i always can just apply to my site and ensure it is look like it truly is part of the positioning like lightbox. Everyone have any guidelines You found a free Pen gallery. One that functions an XML file because the " database" to the photos. There tend to be some free models, or better nonetheless, hire someone in order to make a customized Flash Gallery to suit your needs (utilizing XML). It could be unique to you only, and probably an effective way other than Javascripting, AJAX, etc. Is it hard to learn to make Galleries, because easily was going to have a gallery designed for a website, i would like to make it average joe, so i must learn to undertake it. Well, learning Flash will take a while, and require this Flash editing application, yet… if you desire unique websites, as well as the ability to provide your clients some made … Continue reading

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