Hosting 2 domain on 1 webserver

We have a client that may be hosting 2 names on single webserver. He has 5 static additional ip address. He would like to assign or allocate ip address with each domain. That server is at the rear of the router….. normally in establishing a webserver behind a router you recently assign static ip correct then open the required port for this server & it will eventually work. But the matter here is if you’re behind the router the webserver work but the COUPLE OF domains hosted with that server may share 1 WAN ip target….. is there just about any work around for this one I’ll thankyou if anyone may give any suggestions….. thanks a great deal.

Put a switch while watching router I don’t think you need to use a router to regulate two dedicated IP’s (not an easy router, at least) because the point of a router is always to route one IP to be able to multiple IPs.

It can become done in a variety of ways. As mentioned, a switch would be one option, then assign the IPs towards NIC card along with bind the virtual servers on the IP address you need. In this situation, you would need to be sure you have got a hardware firewall among the server as well as switch. You can view a sample (sans the firewall) these –
http: //www. dslwebserver. com/main/fr… IP-addresses-with-Router-and-Private-LAN. html

Another way will be to pick up such as a Cisco PIX 501 which will deal with far more then one IP deal with.
http: //www. cisco. com/en/US/products/hw/vpndevc/ps2030/ps2031/index. html page.

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