How to create medieval/fantasy designs like this ?


I’m looking for ways to more into webdesign, so far simple modern styles are easy to complete.
But I was wondering how one can make templates because one below.
http: //www. gamesitetemplates. com/images/lightboximages/elves-web-design. JPG

So if any person can point me within the right direction, I’d regards.

Thanks for your time, Xeross

Which would be seriously hard to generate.

That site was done by the professional.

Spend lots of years in Photoshop, after which have a proceed.

If you try to let that happen now, it will certainly look terrible.

I’m already using photoshop just the summer years.
Best I’ve made so far is
http: //x3tech. com/images/portfolio/the_portals_online_mainmenu_full. jpg.

Too bad presently there aren’t any tutorials on this stuff.

WHEN I can’t say while I’ve done this exact style, although for something similar — here’s my personal comic book type illustration page.

There are several different techniques. One is to sketch, by hands, then bring it onto laptop computer for refinement.

Put simply, illustration is different thing as Photoshop operation. There’s no " medieval illustration" item within the dropdowns. You can " know" PhtoShop and know nothing at all about illustration method.

I guess the actual illustrating part will be the hardest part(As WHEN I suck at illustrating. )

You might be able to receive part way now there by searching the web for free textures along with free backgrounds and so on – maybe some might have a parchment/gothic/fantasy component to them For instance the content section of the website appears to be it might have some form of parchment texture.

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