.htaccess redirect?

i’m having to redirect users considering their. htaccess authentication. ex girlfriend or boyfriend: user craig will be redirected to internet site. com/private/craig

any non-complicated way to accomplish this with. htaccess, or any alternatives that will be just when secure


You can use PHP to cooperate with. htaccess authentication, therefore you can easily accomplish forwards with that. The best tutorial i always settle for is at http: //www. zend. com/zend/tut/authentication. php such as code.

Anticipation this helps.

Thank you, I’m still a little bit too newb for your though.: /

Newb and also not, you need to learn these points!

. htaccess was never designed to individually screen people. To do of which, you need a basic database, plus a script that determines user inputs next to privileges stored from the database.
(This is simple enough. )

The validation part plus redirection, is pure code (we’ll enable you to with that part).

What you’re homework ought to be, is how believe organize such some sort of database. What sort of information don’t you think is needed in that user database, and what criteria can you think would confirm a screened login

What combination of criteria should redirect a clear user to some page

This is what you should explain (to yourself, you won’t have to give us each of the details).

In case you have a workable framework, you can signify what critical mixture of factors (including (or not) such things as username that will branch a reroute towards a predefined site.

(how to guard those pages via unauthorized viewing, can also be fairly simple (i. electronic. writing the internet page name would only redirect you the login page)

I wholeheartedly believe Rosland. One thing that I must always think in relation to is: do I retail store the passwords in clear text or will i store them since md5 hashes If they are md5’ed then you can’t retrieve them and you need to reset them. As long as they are clear wording, you have to essentially trust your admins. But that’s one aspect over everything Rosland claimed.

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