Link stacking problem

The particular links in our navigation bar usually are not working correctly. I think you will find there’s problem in the css file maybe. The menu merchandise with subcatagories send to the right put, but when you make an effort to click on another item for the menu, the link people clicked previouslly adds itself towards link you click on. It’s hard for me to explain.
My site http: //nimbusphotography. vndv. com/home. html
I thought we would use free internet site on my first attempt at a website.
If you want the css coding I will post that way too.
Many thanks!

Your back links are absolute WEB SITE, which is fine, but you own this:

http//nimbusphotography. vndv. com/piictures. html

Needs to be:

nimbusphotography. vndv. com/piictures. html

Also, is this spelled appropriate piictures. html

Verify your spelling, syntax… not sure how many other errors you’ve.

I’m testing out liquid designs. I can’t imagine I didn’t note that I screwed that will up. And indeed, there were one so many i’s in that will. It’s all permanent now. I still have another problems with the particular basic design but I’ll work with it. As within the minimum width isn’t doing work for my 3 div packing containers.

Thanks on your help!

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