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heya im fresh to the current so yea
im designing this website at the mo and we have my clients about my site so when any average person goes on the website and wonts to make contact with a client regarding mine they take to click " electronic mail us" is there the easiest way that i may make my client ensure " average joe" is to my site to discover them

What are you interested to know in relation to " average joe"

Your webhost is already collecting stats with each visitor for your site.
Did you take a look at the web stats that they provide

i know nothing about average person average jo is looking for a fun occasion in nz he goes to my site to look for a fun moment he sees a location he would choose to go hits the email us button which in turn goes strraight for you to my clients email. i want it that they are visable to my own client that joe is emailing them threw my site.
desire you understand
thanks nick

So you’re basically seeking a contact form

yea basically call threw me so as a midle man type of thing
that my client is able to see that im setting up a difference for presently there business

Have a website already that him and i can see

I’m unsure if you’re presenting ad banners for other businesses
Or what you’re trying to do. You may count clicks with images too.

yes i do it is www. hotspotsnz. com

So on that website, so what would I click… where it could send an email

It looks if you ask me like contemplating some sort of ad banner clicking system
I do not understand the email component, and what should preferably happen when people click.
Or why is email a part of it

What say we the clicks get place in a log where the clients can check out the click
results whenever they want Very peculiar.

email should be to make bookings although yes your proper how would i produce a log to achieve that

For every link, you’ll have research a PHP script this processes the
ID after which you can it does the particular email, or direct, depending on really can a
link to their site, as well as an email in order to them.

You have the MySQL database
Which means you have an ID per client
Base your links off the particular ID.

thanks ver

y much mate numerous help


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