Please help with website.

I am aware that most of you’re busy, but Possible really use some help. I are creating my 1st website from the begining using html for my senior undertaking. I am at present self teaching average joe, and I are stuck on multiple aspects of the website. The website url is actually urbestcar. zxq. net and feel free to have a look. The main site is practically blank though the three car backlinks work. The best pages are around the sport cars link considering the first 3 web sites. The overall intent being this website would be to show the most popular 2010-2012 cars and also allow people in order to vote on them and in addition rank them. Should you choose find time to check this stuff out please let me learn how I can make it look better, and also give me ideas on my principal page since My business is very new. Also if anyone knows making a very great comment box that could go under each car that could be great, and also I would really prefer to allow the particular users to vote over a scale of 1-5 per car and possess the scores recorded maybe on another page. My plan is always to launch the web site on March 31st, so all help will be great, and thanks for carrying your time that will read this.

A couple of things…

In order to have the voting and also comments, you’re going to have to use
the server-side scripting terminology like PHP, as well as MySQL database for you to store
almost all votes and responses.

It appears like your site is usually all done using static. html websites.


The senior project must include learning PHP plus MySQL.
Yet, we don’t do homework for individuals (students). If people post some
PHP scripting are really having trouble by using, I’ll help by using that.


Here’s a hint to suit your needs….
Install a free WordPress website.
Try a free theme with regard to cars, plugins regarding " voting",
and it already has that commenting. Completely
functional from square one particular. Your only attempt will
be to customise the theme with all your own graphics.
All the photos, content, etc. gets uploaded using
the WP admin (media, videos, text, content, content, etc).

Ok thanks to the advice, I might find what I are capable of doing.

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