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Hello guys,
Iam a newbie due to this forum and net designing. I have problem on steps to start building website mainly using HTML, PHP plus MySQL(database driven. We’ve experience on hardware and os’s. My director asked me to style the website intended for our research instituton, but I don’t know how to start. Can anybody demonstrate me where can i get good components for biginners just like how to create website page layout starting using homepage, web webpages etc.
Thanking ahead for your aid.

There are a lot of resources out there to help you beginners discover ways to create websties. Do a quick search with this site and check out the " commencing out" forum here during this site. Also do a search on line and you will come up with more than enough material to receive you started.
searchwebphp webpage tutorial/searchweb
searchwdfweb* resource/searchwdf

My director asked me to style the website with regard to our research instituton

Thinking of kidding me

I realize there’s a chance you’re proficient at desktops, etc.
but to possess an employer breakup with a project giving you like that…
and you’re with a point where you’re seeking a tutorial on
how to do a web page


Your director should hire an expert web designer to
make, install, and program the functionality (PHP, Perl,
MySQL)… next, maybe later, you can actually take over the
maintenance and alterations towards the site.

I do not think you realize the scope from the project you
got. Your director is going to want more compared to just
a static website page with a logo design on it…

Show this forum to the director…
Tell him/her to dig somewhat deeper in their particular pocket.
Hire an expert.

… and then for you…

By all means, learn how to produce web pages. It truly is really
fun and addicting. There is certainly just so much to understand, and so
many changes taking place in the website development field right now.
Examine learn HTML (of course), but in addition CSS.
… you will end up getting in visuals, CGI/Perl, PHP, plus
probably MySQL… all worth mentioning things will receive you well
with a year to understand.

Well there’s little point in mastering CGI/PERL, but definitely have a look at PHP/MYSQL or ASP. NET/MSSQL together with xHTML and CSS and also course: -D.

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