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online world. studio378d. com has a new side nav that is out of your container in ie7. concerning tried to fix this without having success.
if anyone features a suggestion im most ears. thx before hand.

…. lol don’t laugh way too hard but here will be the fix….

Add this for the bottom of your website:

< div>
< p align=" center" > < strong> For anyone who is still using at any time popular standards DEFIANT web browser that is commonly known as Internet Explorer, can yourself a favour and < your href=http: //www. getfirefox. com/" > HAVE FIREFOX< /a>. < /strong> < /p>
< /div>

The message there has to be, IE is a new " standards defiant" internet browser.. Fix something as browser and it breaks in all other browsers… If it works every one other browsers it’s going to most likely become broken in IE… Thus, Get Firefox or any other standards compliant web browser but for heaven’s sakes, do away with IE.

Have enough people to switch, and IE gets standards complaint seriously fast. However there exists a CSS fix it is possible to usually do… and it’s also css code dirrected limited to IE that won’t even be read in many other browsers… (it is unhappy when other browsers take a look at css and proceed " meh, this really is IE’s crap" along with skip it).

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