thoughts on which cms for me to use

i haven’t created a site using any CMS instrument before, but i’m quite enthusiastic about learning one… i’ve worked with creating static html/css sites and a pinch of php, but creating from scratch similar to this (and maintaining) might be time consuming!

i’m planning to start working on the tag/touch rugby web page… the main goal to the site is to display details about game schedules, activity results, and alternative related upcoming sports events

the site will enable organizers to update game schedules and news (Which will most likely be in top page)

there is possibly a likely possibility that an extension might be added for a web Community Discussion Mother board (Forum)

currently i’m looking during WordPress (Which i do believe is the easiest to learn – and will surely have some powerfull features/plugins devoid of overdoing things)

can some 1 make some suggestions on suggestion during this thanks in improve…

anyhow, i’ve created a fairly easy layout for a start http: //www. centraltag. co. nz

Confused I’d consider Blogger a CMS… To get looked at Drupal

Wordpress may not need been initially designed to become a CMS, but it’s most certainly becoming popular to use it mutually.

I’ve used it being a CMS for many clients and imagine it works quite well like a CMS.

I’ll typically also use WordPress being a CMS or build my own , personal customized to the website should the need calls for it. I find that an important aspect of a CMS is that you can easily explain to your customer. They should manage to use it with minimal training at essentially the most.

WP is definitely an easy CMS to find out (for the clients), plus easy to modify.
I also recommend the item. Drupal is a terrific CMS, but could be overkill for anyone.

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