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Hello, I am making a standard gallery site with hundreds of images… that isn’t a problem(btw just what other software besides Fireworks generates galleries), but You want for every thumbnail to act like this when everyone mouseover or select the thumbnail-
http: //www. dynamicdrive. com/style/cs… -image-viewer/

how to do that not having manually putting the code for every single image

Perhaps there is some way to be able to automatically generate gallery using this type of feature

Using PHP and MySQL for just a database.
Images are stored in a very directory, but that database
has the filename, 7steps, description, gallery amount, etc. for all images.
In which case you have an admin section to increase, delete, edit graphics.

A PHP script dynamically builds the world wide web pages on-the-fly using the database.
You will have 1 script which renders any gallery page you want. You won’t get to
do any HTML editing of pages.

The PHP script also can use the exact Javascripting you showed us within your example.

If you do not know anything with regards to PHP or MySQL, you might even hire a programmer.

However, I don’t know anything about PHP in addition to MySQL, I figured someone made some sort of generator to make it happen…


If you ever were not focused on a " title" or even " caption" about the photo,
PHP might be used to yield the gallery without getting a database (MySQL).
And it’s fairly easy.

The problem is when you need to also have a very caption or some other information
about the photo. You need to have some way to check the information
towards the photo… that’s what database does.

How important will it be to have the actual photo captions

Actually I by now got a gallery power generator that makes the captions through the name of the files(when you duck over it), that is certainly extremely efficient. Consequently, yeah, something that adheres to that would be good.

I found this so check it out-
http: //highslide. com/editor/

I think it does what I needed but I can check the scope of it.

Your javascript idea may be worth a shot.

Nevertheless have captions for your photos, you can’t
use PHP without some sort of database (text flat-file or maybe MySQL).

I presume basically want a lookup function where people would type in the name in the image and it would pop up, I it is fair to use PHP in addition to MySQL…. do you might have any links on tutorials education for that

And what would be the easiest way to perform that

however it wont end up being easy, thats why pre-made scripts are throughout the net. the suggestion by simply Ml about php mysql may be the best solution because of this.

http: //www. ornj. net/webalbum/

This is the gallery generator that will automatically transfers the names on the files as captions for any pictures leaving out the extensions in the files.
How does it make it happen I should probably know this…

php. strpos plus substr
http: //php. net/manual/en/function. strpos. php
http: //us2. php. net/substr

That gallery appears an EXE (executable program) that you download to ones PC.
So they really manipulate stuff offline then you upload the actual pages

Am I wrong That is certainly an. exe program

Commercially, you could add photos with filenames such as:
myfirsthouse. jpg_this_is_where_I_lived_as_a_child. jpg

That’s a bad idea in my opinion.
Every special characters or maybe " wrong" people will damage that filename,
including a UNIX-based web device won’t allow the idea.

You will end up better off using the program you described in post #9.

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