Fly-out Menus – Where to Start, Which Way to Go

Ok, this amatuer web development hack has as a final point been forced by simply necessity to how to do the drop-down food selection, or more specially, because the links are around the left, I speculate you’d call this a fly-out menu. (I don’t learn if that would make a difference. )

I’ve read a bit through searching these and what MY SPOUSE AND I gather is which can be done it via DHTML and you may also do it by way of CSS. (If you will find other ways, for instance JavaScript, I do not know. )

Because I’m beginning scratch here, this question then, is usually, does anyone care to talk about an opinion where way is the best way to go I’d personally guess the main concern would be the number of versions back with IE, Mozilla and Opera the chosen code could well be compatible. Perhaps you will find other considerations too.

Almost any thoughts are significantly appreciated.

this is still from a weird situation in terms of I am concerned. I don’t think u are able to do a pure css dropdown with out these " enhancement" as well as " mod" data that make IE conduct themselves like Mozilla in: hover

and people say it’s not good to utilize javascript necessarily because someone often have it turned off after which how they heck with they navigate your webblog personally i’ve by no means seen anyone turn off javascript except on my company where we transform it off to test items to see how they will degrade when js is switched off. Heh…

so personally i do not know how much stock i devote the old " don’t make use of javascript alone" spotted. it depends on your own goals and viewers.

next time i do them it is basically a hide/show DIV thing. Although i am doing a web site for your company currently through which i am carrying out a hide/show on a UL/LI setup making sure that the nav is still all in one particular list. pretty great. but it’s still not pure css.

here’s a fundamental hide/show DIV thing in action:
http: //www. autosolutionsproducts. com/
on products after which you can on services u obtain a " drop down". or as this case can be, maybe it’s a new " move over". i guess some people call this a new flyout although there isn’t a animation on it. notice on webpage that it opens to the side, then at sub pages this oipens down.

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